The question about Newsfeed on exchange

The question about Newsfeed on exchange

Post by liziqian » Sat, 23 Oct 1999 04:00:00

   I want to setup Newsfeed with this NewsGroup, but I don't know the Site
Name of this NewsGroup, do you know? thank you!


When I add a news feed to my Exchange 5.5 Server,  I get the same errors no
matter what I use for a source.  The errors are as follows.

"An error occurred during outbound trying to logon to remote host   Error = 0x80004005. "

"Failed to establish outbound connection to  News will
be resent later. "

"An error response was received to a newnews command from server Newsfeed (ENTERPRISE). The response code was 502.  The pull feed
connection has been terminated. "

by host  Server response: 502 Access Denied. "

"An unexpected response (502) was received from news server

This just started happening recently.  And I can still access the sites from
Outlook Express.  The only changes Ive made since this started happening
are,  Exchange SP3 and NT SP6a.  But before I go rebuilding my Exchange
Server I wanted to know if anyone else has seen this problem before.



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