Stupid Question....

Stupid Question....

Post by Dennis Brazil [MV » Mon, 13 Jan 1997 04:00:00

exchange client is 16bit forms.

outlook client is 32 bit forms.  

the two are *NOT* interchangeable.

>Will the formas administrator work in a 32-bit environment?  I've read that
>it's a 16-bit only portion of Exchange Server.

>Thanks in advance

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This is probably a stupid question but....

I'm setting up Exchange 5.5 in a test enviroment on a NT4 server with NT4
workstation clients.  The installation appears to have worked fine, but my
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The clients connect to the mailbox, and retrieve the address books, but when
I attempt to send a message the message just sits in the Outbox.

Where do I go from here?

Cheers Arthur

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