Error Code Occurred while processing message

Error Code Occurred while processing message

Post by Toks » Wed, 18 Dec 2002 17:13:20

Content conversion of a bad message most likely.

Look for the message referenced in the event and delete it.

Quote:> I am receiving this message in my event log for Event ID
> 12002 does anyone know what it means.


1. error occurred processing an e-mail address

Hi all

When I try to add a new user all goes fine until the exchange configuration
mailbox appears. After I enter all the info an error message appears
saying "an error occurred processing an e-mail address, to view details of
the error see the event viewer..etc...etc"
This happens even when I try to add a new mailbox directly from the exchange
administrator. Whatever I use for the name does not matter...same error

The event viewer says    Source=MSEchangeSA  Catagory=General  Event=5011

The only thing I was tweaking recently were some Exchange services.
Everything was fine till then.  We are running NTSRV 4.0 srpk 4 with
Exchange 5.5 srvpk 2, Proxy2.
We are sending and receiving mail just fine.  I just cannot add any more
Also, our OWA stopped working with the error message "Directory Listing
"This Virtual Directory Does not allow contents to be listed"
Are these errors related?

Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.

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