Move public folders inter-org?

Move public folders inter-org?

Post by Henrik Elmsj » Thu, 10 Oct 2002 06:39:30

Hi friends!

We want to move public folders from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 inter-org,

Connect to old server, create .PST file and drag the public folders to the
PST. Connect to new server, add PST to profile, drag folders to the new
server, all info is there, views fine and so on, ok good.

Now, the tasks that were migrated had made use of that little button down in
the lefthand side corner called "Contacts..." and there were contacts bound
to the task from a common Contacts public folder, which of course also was

On the old server, you could doubleclick the name presented there and you
got the contacts info, but after the migration that association seems to be
lost, the name itself in presented, but you just get an error message that
says that the object could not be found. Some sort of "under the hood" ID
was apparently used to make the association with the correct contact.

How do we get it to "link it up" again? How do you move public folders in
general that have "inter-dependencies" like this?

Glad for any info about this!



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