ASP Calendar Solution Login Problems (MSExchangeIS Event 1021, Error 0x3f2)

ASP Calendar Solution Login Problems (MSExchangeIS Event 1021, Error 0x3f2)

Post by Brian Woo » Sat, 24 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I am working on a web-based calendar viewer using ASP and CDO. I started
with the "Calendar of Events Application" in Rizzo's Programming Outlook and
Exchange book. I've been making mostly cosmetic changes to the app. The two
most notible changes I have made are: removing the categories filter and
allowing mailbox to be passed in the URL.

I'm having erratic login problems. Whenever a login fails I get the
following event in the event log:

    Event ID: 1021, Source: MSExchangeIS, Type: Failure Audit, Source:

    DOMAIN/USERNAME was unable to connect as /o=Orginization/ou=Org
Unit/cn=Exchange/cn=User Alias. Error 0x3f2.

I've searched MSDN/MS KB/etc, and can't seem to find any information on
"3f2". This error seems to occur randomly. I have not been able to determine
any pattern (with permissions or such) that effects the logins. We have one
user who's calendar always works. I have looked for patterns in the clients
(outlook version, whether outlook is open, calendar permissions, etc) and
found none.

It is worth noting that I am using the IUSR_* account to log into the
mailbox. So that anonymous web users can view the calendar, I have given one
of the domain's IUSR accounts permissions to the mailboxes I want public.
I've tried changing the various permissions the IUSR account has on the
mailbox (such as "mailbox owner", "send as", etc). These flags seem to have
no effect.

I saw mention in the Rizzo book that the IUSR account should either have
"mailbox owner" permissions on the target mailbox, or have it's own exchange
account. I've tried both ways, and there appears to be no corrolation.

Perhaps if I knew what "Error 0x3f2" meant, I would have some direction...
but for now, I'm stuck.