Setup exchange to hold and forward email.

Setup exchange to hold and forward email.

Post by Streack » Mon, 14 Jul 2003 08:12:59

I need to have a backup in place to capture and hold email
until the mailserver is available to take the email. How
do I set this up in Exchange 5.5 Sp4.

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We have recently opened a new office across town and would like to have our
exchange server queue incoming mail received from their domain ~ so they can
dial into our machine and use ETRN to download it. = our domain = their domain

Their machine is all set up correctly and there is something not right with
ours. Apparently It will only queue the mail for if I send the
mail with outlook on my machine (which is on ~ if i try to send
email any other way I just get a receipient not found error.

We have 1 exchange site - 1 server - very basic set up actually. It just
will not queue mail that comes for the outside world. is routed
as outbound .. and it works for outlook.

Any idea's what's causing this ?? Solutions ??


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