Corrupted Calendar / Free-Busy for one user

Corrupted Calendar / Free-Busy for one user

Post by Bob Wille » Thu, 16 Nov 2000 04:00:00

We have one user who can send meeting requests, but cannot accept them, and
when he does send a request, even though it is sent to the recipients, he
gets an "Unknown Error" dialog box, and no meetings wind up in his Calendar.
Trying to send a meeting request results in the following three errors in
the Event Log (all with Source: EXCDO) :

EventID: 8199 - Calendaring agent failed in message save notification with
error 0x800703eb on URL /Calendar/test.EML.

EventID: 8213 - Calendaring agent failed to update the free/busy cache
during an appointment save or delete operation.

EventID: 8206 - Calendaring agent failed with error code 0x80040215 while
saving appointment.

How can I "fix" a user's mailbox?

Any information would be appreciated!
Bob Willer


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exchange 5.5 sp3

outlook 2000

under outlook send/receive there is an option to send/receive free/busy
information ( I would assume this means NOW, not in the default 15
minutes. )

however it is grayed out..

anyone know how to enable this?

What are others doing for quicker free/busy information published?  doesn't
it cause confusion if someone tries to schedule a resource within the same
15 minutes?? I have changed to 5 minutes, but don't know if it will
adversely affect the network performance.



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