Email addresses not updated in AD, even after manual Recipient Policy update

Email addresses not updated in AD, even after manual Recipient Policy update

Post by Garry Meadow » Sun, 16 Feb 2003 02:05:36

I have created several new users for a new company we
have.  In the process I allowed Active Directory wizard
to create their mailboxes as well.  After over twenty
minutes, I could still not see their email addresses in
ADUC.  I checked the recipient update policy, which was
set to always run, and I also forced it to update now.  
After ten minutes I still have no email addresses

I checked the event viewer and found an event related to
the Address List, but neither the KB nor have
any documentation on it.

Hopefully someone else can provide some guidance.

Thank you,


Event Type:     Error
Event Source:   MSExchangeAL
Event Category: Address List Synchronization
Event ID:       8331
Date:           2/14/2003
Time:           11:06:00 AM
User:           N/A
Computer:       VCWH
The service threw an unexpected exception which was
caught at y:\dsa\src\lra\abv_dg\lservagent.cpp(4664)

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1. Recipient Policy not updating Email Addresses

We have added a 2nd recipient policy as part of our
transition to a new company in our test lab.  The Policy
has priority of 1, (the default policy is "lowest") with a
new primary email address.  We have defined the filter on
it to go to all users on the specific server (we only have
one mailbox store server).  If we do a Find on the policy
filter, it gets all 658 users.  We have saved the policy
and run both the update of the policy and the Recipient
Update Service (which is set to run always). We find no
errors in logs.

None of the users receive the new primary address from the
policy.  Any ideas why? Or what could fix it? Where to
look at logs for tracking the attempts?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Bob Rueter

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