OWA - Failed to connect to MS Exchange Server

OWA - Failed to connect to MS Exchange Server

Post by Jacquelin » Tue, 15 Jul 2003 22:44:22

I'am running Exchange 5.5 sp4 on a NT4 sp6 server.
I installed the OWA on a separate server running W2K.
When I try to logon to a mail box, the logon window
appears but after encoding the id I receive 'Failed to
connect to Microsoft Exchange Server, server_name'.
When I do that with an administrator account, I can see
the mail box.
Do you have any suggestion ?

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Dear list,
  OWA is being problematic.  I think it is because of the playing around I
did with the anonymous account trying to install InoculateIT's Exchange

In the beginning, there was no anonymous account specified in the DS site
config properties.  Then I specified the Administrator as the anonymous
account.  I was told that this was not a good idea.  So I changed the
anonymous account to Guest.

Around this time I tested OWA.  I was getting the error of "Failed to
connect to the Microsoft Exchange Server, <servername>"

Well, next I tried to put the Anonymous account back to the initial state of
not having anyone specified.  So I reassigned anonymous to a temporary
NT-user account, and then deleted that NT-user account.  This seemed to
work, in so far as that an Anonymous account was no longer specified in the
DS site config object.

But, OWA is still giving me the same message.   I reinstalled Service Pack 3
for Exchange Server 5.5.

Now, I can access OWA using the administrators account, or my account which
has service administrator rights in the Exchange system.  However, no one
else can access OWA, all other users get the "Failed to connect to the
Microsoft Exchange Server, <servername>" error message.

I removed and reinstalled OWA, still the problem remains.

Of note:  The IUSR_<ServerName> account for the Exchange server/OWA server
(one and the same) is not in the Domain Directory, it is only in the
directory of the local machine of the Exchange server.

I am at a loss.  I've gone through the "Troubleshooting Guide for Outlook
Web Access" and all Q-articles I can find, but to no avail.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance.



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