Upgrading Hard Drive

Upgrading Hard Drive

Post by Dan_M » Fri, 24 Jan 2003 18:59:56

I have Exchange2000 running on W2K Advanced server.  I
need to upgrade the hard drives and have ordered 4 36GB
drives.  At present exchange is running on a 18GB single
drive which is mirrored by software only.

The plan so far is take the server down out of hours
replace the hard drives on a fresh installation then using
2 drives for the OS and 2 drives for data storage
mirrored, then back up the mailboxes from tape.

I would apreciate any comments from people having done
something similar before, any problems you may have come
across or any better ideas!




1. Upgrading Hard Drives

I have a Dell server running 2000 and Exchange 5.5 server
it is the second Exchange server in our site. I have 2-18G
hard drives running Raid 1 making the D partion on which
reside the Exchange Databases. I am in need of upgrading
the drives, If I stop the Exchange services correctly, I
am figuring that I can just copy the data off the disk to
a area on the network change the hard drives re format
them and then copy the data back start the Exchange
services and all is well. Can somebody provide feedback if
they have done this process...

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