Distribution Group to Global Group

Distribution Group to Global Group

Post by Jura Vala » Sat, 10 May 2003 02:44:34


Not so funny feature in Active Directory and Exchange 2000 (W2K SP3, E2K

1) Create a Distribution Group
2) As a basic user, give permission to your calendar to just created
Distribution Group (ay type of permission)
3) Wait about 5 minutes
4) Vola, Distribution Group will change automatically to Global Group (by
basic user permissions=domain user)

Cool, that domain users can change group types in Active Directory.

I think that there must be some resolution to deny that? Just can't figure
out how...



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We use Exchange 5.5.
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I'd like to create an Exchange group with the same members as "Management",
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Is there a way to create an Exchange group that is like a pointer to the NT


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