Second Virtual POP3 Server

Second Virtual POP3 Server

Post by Matt » Fri, 30 Aug 2002 21:04:46

I have recently added a second Virtual POP3 Server. Ever since, it takes
some users up to a minute to open Outlook 2002. I'm wondering if the IP
address I added to the NIC of the server could be muddling things.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?


1. Second SMTP Virtual Server not working...

I am following the MS article;en-us;Q288756

It tells you to create a second SMTP virtual server listening on port 26,
and then edit the default smtp server to output on port 26 to the second

I do all the steps listed in the above document, but when I restart the 2
virtual servers, everything outgoing on the default virtual server stops,
the queues just build up and build up and dont go anywhere... WHAT AM I

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