Pleaze help I can't get full text indexing to index Contact Items

Pleaze help I can't get full text indexing to index Contact Items

Post by Forrest Dickins » Sat, 08 Mar 2003 07:10:44

I have seen this problem posted on here before, but there was never an

I am running Exchange 2000 SP3 on Windows 2000 SP3 with Outlook XP as
the client.  We have a public contacts folder with about 21,000 items
in it.  Searches on it by the company or the name fields can take as
much as 30 seconds so I figured I would enable full text indexing on
the public store.  Doing so had no effect on search times for contact
items and after searching Microsoft I found out that Full Text
Indexing on Exchange 2000 by default only indexes common fields in
mail items like Subject, Body and attachments.  I found a knowledge
base article though detailing how to customize what fields are indexed
when full text indexing is ran.

The following is an excerpt from the article:

Customizing Full-Text Indexing
You can add properties to participate in full-text indexing and add or
remove noise words that are excluded in a search.
Adding Properties
If you are familiar with adding keys to the Microsoft Windows
registry, you can set up other properties to be full-text indexed in
addition to the httpmail namespace properties listed in Full-Text
Indexing. You create a text file of properties that are referred to in
the registry by the following key:

To add properties for full-text indexing:
Create a text file of a list of properties that you want to be
full-text indexed. The full name for each property must on a separate
line. As described here, the form of the name to be used depends on
the type of property.
For properties created by ADO, OLEDB, or WebDAV, use the property
For MAPI-named properties (such as those created by using Microsoft
Outlook forms), use the following format comprised of the property set
GUID (such as PS_MAPI, PS_PUBLIC_STRINGS, or a user-defined value),
and the property name:{propset GUID}/property-name

For example, for a property named myproperty in the PS_MAPI property
set, use:{00020329-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}/myproperty

For standard MAPI properties, the format to use is:

For example, for the PR_DISPLAY_NAME property that has a property tag
0x3001001E, use:

NOTE: The DAV:href and DAV:displayname properties cannot be full-text
Start Registry Editor by typing regedt32 at a command prompt.
Click the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE window.
Locate the Software\Microsoft\Search\1.0 subkey.
If it does not already exist, add a key under 1.0 called
Under Exchange Parameters, add a value with the name
SchemaTextFilePathName, a data type of REG_SZ, and a string value of
the path to the text file of properties, such as
Quit Registry Editor. The properties will be full-text indexed the
next time full-text indexing is run as configured in Exchange System
I did this and created Fulltextprops.txt file with the following

Basically directing Exchange to index the Company and Name fields on
contact items.

I then deleted the index, recreated it, peformed a full population and
made it available for searching in the System Manager.

After I did so Advanced Searches on the Company or Full Name fields
still took up to 30 seconds to process (like Company contains Acme),
but if I do an Advanced Search on the folder using the subject field
results are returned instantly (like Subject contains Acme) it seems
as though Subject on Contact Items equates to what the item is filed
as.  Anyway because searches on the Subject field are so fast the
folder must be being indexed, but even though I followed Microsoft's
instructions precisely the Company and name fields are apparently
still not being indexed.

I am at a loss here, what I am doing wrong?

With all the companies running exchange 2k someone out there has to
have ran into this before.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide me.


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