Getting rid of Exchange 5.5 Bridgehead

Getting rid of Exchange 5.5 Bridgehead

Post by Vincent Yim [MS » Sun, 13 Oct 2002 04:31:46

Rehome your public folders to the new E2k server.
Change the local or remote bridgehead settings appropriately, on both ends
of the directory replication connector, to point to the new SRS.
On the site connector, use a specific bridgehead, rather than "any server in

Overall, use Q284148 XADM: Removing Last Exchange 5.5 Server from Exchange
2000 AG;EN-US;Q284148

The article has some steps on rehoming your system folders as well.

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Quote:> I have two Exchange 5.5 sites, Site A and Site B. Each
> site is in a different NT Domain. The domain for Site A
> is upgraded is Windows 2000, then converted to native
> mode. A trust still exists between Domain A(Win2k native)
> and Domain B, NT 4.0

> Site A wants to upgrade to Exchange 2000, while site B
> will remain Exchange 5.5 as well as Windows NT 4.0

> A new Exchange 2000 server will be installed in Site A.
> The SRS service will, of course, be installed on this
> server automatically. What is the best way to move
> bridgehead services (Directory connector and Site
> Connector) off of the Exchange 5.5 server in Site A to
> the new Exchange 2000 server. I want to remove the
> Exchange 5.5 server in site A altogether.

> Thanks


1. Getting rid of open relay on Exchange 5.5

No matter what settings I make on the Internet Mail
Connector, it still allows other people to use my Exchange
5.5 server as an open relay, how can this be?

I've tried the setting "Do not reroute incoming SMTP" but
it doesn't seem to have any effect, still phony domains
are piling up in our outbound queue...

I've tried "Reroute incoming SMPT mail" and setting the
following routing restrictions: Only clients that
succesfully authenticate and also restricted it to clients
connecting to the _INTERNAL_ address (!!) of our

How can it be that someone can still send using our server?

I've also tried checkmarking the "Clients can only submit
if homed on this server" in the connection tab, but this
stops us from receiving any mails!!

The setup is this: A Windows 2000 server with Exchange 5.5
installed, published through a MS ISA server using the
secure mail-server wizard. The ISA server has two network
interfaces, one with our internal IP range an one for an
external IP address, connected only to a router with NAT

I would say that with our current configuration, noone
else than people using computers located within our
internal subnet should be able to send anything using our
mailserver? or am I wrong?

Please help, as this is starting to annoy me too much...

Kind regards,

PS. I use this email address to avoid spammers getting to
know my real address.

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