Change Email Address(SMTP) for an Exchange 5.5 Public Folder thru CDO

Change Email Address(SMTP) for an Exchange 5.5 Public Folder thru CDO

Post by Jay Kea » Sat, 07 Apr 2001 03:36:32

1. Is there a list somewhere that maps all CDO Mapi Property tags to
Exchange Administrator fields for a given Object (Folder, Recipient,
AddressListEntry etc. ? This would be tremendously helpful in using the
correct Mapi Property for the thing you wish to change.

2. I am trying to change the SMTP address list in the "Email Addresses" Tab
of the Folder properties you see when viewing Folder properties in the
Exchange Administrator under 5.5. The field is editable from the the
administrator so I figure it should be changable through CDO 1.21 could
through the Folder.Fields object.  I can change the "Hide from address book"
Folder property that you see in the Advanced Tab using the
CdoPR_PUBLISH_IN_ADDRESS_BOOK Mapi Property tag. See the following code:

Set objFolder = objFolders.Add(sTarget) 'target is folder name
Set objFields = objFolder.Fields
objFields.Add CdoPR_CONTAINER_CLASS, "IPF.Note"
'The next line is mapped to the Hide From Address Book property in the
Folder Properties Advanced Tab in the Exchange 5.5 Administrator.

objFields.Add CdoPR_PUBLISH_IN_ADDRESS_BOOK, bolViewInAddressBook 'the
bolViewInAddressBook is set to true or false depend on requirements
'The email property (SMTP) of the folder  I need to change to what will
always be unique, which is not the folder name, see below. I need the MAPI
property tag and 'methodology to do this if the next line is not the method.
objFields.Add CdoPR_EMAIL_ADDRESS, sAddress

Jay Kean