my exchange never receive emails sent by others

my exchange never receive emails sent by others

Post by Wen » Thu, 07 Nov 2002 23:12:16

Dear Sir/Madam:
    Recently I just upgrade our office's Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000.
Everything is working fine except that if someone outside of our domain send

name ),
we never received the emails.
For example, I tried to use my hotmail account to send to my account on the
new Exchange 2000

Strangely, my hotmail account never get any bounce emails nor any
nondelievery reports.
Those emails I sent through hotmail to my exchange 2000 seem all

But our remote employees located in other countries are able to use POP3 and
services on the new Exhcange 2000, they can send emails to everywhere, even
they can send

So it seems that all SMTPs (except our own Exchange2000 SMTP) cannot send
emails to our domain email accounts..

Can you help me out on this?

Some facts about our network
We host our own public DNS for our MX record.
We are behind an ISA server, and I had published secure mail server.
The DNS is on the ISA ( and I had published the DNS query and DNS zone
transfer )

Thank you very much.



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Good Day Everyone,

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Tony Painter
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Lanit Consulting Inc

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