Cant Debugger Exchange Agent Script

Cant Debugger Exchange Agent Script

Post by Dennis O'Neil » Thu, 11 Nov 1999 04:00:00

NT 4.0 sp5, Exchange 5.5 sp3, vbscript, IE 5.0
Visual Interdev 6.0 and Script de* 1.0a, Outlook 2000

I'm trying to make the script de* stop in my vbscript agent script.  It
seems to ignore the Stop command.  I use Script.Response logging and I log
output before and after the Stop statement.  Then I use outlook to cause the
script to execute and it executes fine, no script de* pops up, and the
logs say it got to the statement after the Stop.   Do I have something
configured wrong, anyone else get this to work?  I have a book by Tom Rizzo
that indicates a short section on Microsoft Script De* complete with
screenshot but I have yet to experience that.  I am logged into the exchange
service account on the exchange server machine.  I typically have Visual
interdev going as well, and I even launched the MS Script De* manually
just to get superstitious.  Nothing.   Any thoughts?



1. Cant get debugger to work for Exchange scripts.

I have read the very helpful page on cdolive about using the ms script
debugger to debug Exchange event scripts and followed the instructions:

1. Make sure that you are logged-on to the Microsoft Exchange Server
computer with the same Microsoft Windows NT account, which is used for the
Microsoft Exchange Server Event Service.  - YES

2. Also the mailbox which is used must have Owner permissions on the system
folder Folders\System Folders\Events Root\EventConfig_<Your Servername>.

"Otherwise the popup window with the Microsoft Script Debugger will not show
your script." This is what STILL happens!

A 'stop' in the script causes the debugger to pop-up on the console of the
Exchange server, where I am logged on as the user running the Exchange Event
service. Trouble is that the debugger window is empty! I cant get to or see
the code!

Anyone know how to get around this? It's really frustrating!

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Secretariat of the Pacific Community.
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New Caledonia.
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