System Manager error

System Manager error

Post by mg23 » Sun, 31 Mar 2002 00:30:42

I can not manage my publick folders because of an error here it is

the operation failed do to an internal server error

id no: c1030af2
Exchange System Manager

Hope someone can help me


System Manager error

Post by Nino Bilic [MS » Sun, 31 Mar 2002 09:56:44

Run the policy utility on your Exchange 2000 server and see what it comes
back with. My guess is that it might error out on one of your domain
controllers which could lead to a problem with replication of domain policy
to that server.

Q281537 XADM: Description of the Policytest.exe Utility;EN-US;Q281537

Nino Bilic
Exchange Support

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1. Exchange System Manager Error

System Running:
Win 2k Server
Exchange 2000
Outlook XP

I have a user who is attempting to send an in house email
to one of our co-workers.  The error message he gets is:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status
Delivery to the following recipients has been delayed.

According to Microsoft's Knowledge Article 329636, it
tells me exactly what to do.  But the problem lies when
the 1st step says open "Exchange System Manager".  The
error message I receive when I open Exchange System
Manager is:

"Exchange detected that "c:\winnt\system32\mapi32.dll" is
not the correct version required to run Exchange System
Manager or Exchnage 2000 Server.  This may cause failures
in Exchange System Manager, affect availability of your
server, or both.  For more info see MS Knowledge q266418"

I looked at the article, but it didn't help me much
because that article and the associated articles have to
do with running outlook on exchange server, which I am
NOT.  I have searched ms's site thoroughly and didn't
find anything on mapi32.dll.

Any help in solving this is greatly appreciated!
Thanks a lot.

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