ERROR: Mapisend Mapisend failed: 2

ERROR: Mapisend Mapisend failed: 2

Post by Gerben Reker » Tue, 18 Jul 2000 04:00:00


I'm relatively new to this newsgroup so be patient with me if this question
has been answered before.....

I'm trying to send a message with mapisend but keep getting the message
mentioned in the subject line.

I'm positive that the account is right and I did create the right profile.
(I can open Outlook without any problems.)

I however do not try to do this from the exchange server itself but from
another server in the same domain. This shouldn't be a problem though since
I have successfully done this for 7 other servers so far.

Please advise.....


1. mapisend failed: 2

I have had a mapisend command scheduled via AT for a couple of months.
Now it is failing with the error "mapisend failed: 2" which apparently
is a session failure.

What does this mean ?

Thanks in advance

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