Need help on how to search Exchange subfolders via Web, and content of folders

Need help on how to search Exchange subfolders via Web, and content of folders

Post by dogmademedoi » Mon, 30 Dec 2002 12:46:46

Environment: Exchange 5.5, Windows 2000 server.


1. A tool that will index Exchange public folders, items in the
folder, words in the items whether plain text or HTML or RTF, forms in
an item, and any Office type attachments in the item or the form
making up the item.

Platform: Windows 2000 server. Need to be able to specify folders,
groups of folders, etc.. That are to be indexed. Ned ability to
schedule the indexing in an unattended fashion.

2. The second need are some server side components or controls that
will allow us to pass search parameters (with Boolean logic if user
desires), and to specify all folders or specific folders to be
indexed. We need to call these components from our internally
developed web page (ASP code) since this functionality will be built
into a multi purpose application for internal use.

3. If items are found in the public folders that match the criteria, a
user will be presented results they can click on...however if they do
not have rights via the NT ID, then they will not  be able to see the
result or have access to it.

This would be for about 50 users or more.
I looked at and that was of little help. Wrote the
vendors there and one seemed to be fine for 50 users but overpriced
for a site license. When I say overpriced, I mean I could buy 5
unlimited SQL server enterprise licenses for unlimited users and the
hardware to go with it. Or lets say a Rolls Royce.

We have the knowledge to potentially build our own and have a solution
that partially works with Site Server. But it was built using a form
in Outlook. It can can search multiple folders.
However we need to have Boolean search capabilities as explained
above, and need to run this search outside of an Exchange form and
call the search component/Dll via the web. Our programmer is pretty
CDO/ADO (among many other things) proficient. However since we are on
Exchange 5.5 we do not have the constructs to get us started to start
from scratch with an index engine, use Site Server 3.0 and then build
a good web interface. We will go to Exchange 2000 in late 2003 but I
think we will still have the same search problems. We must build this
into our Intranet as part of an application that does many things, one
of which is  asearch of Exchange folders.

Note: A client side add-in will not suffice for our needs as we must
build the functionality into our Intranet and have it callable.

Thanks very much.