Creating server-side mail filter for Exchange 5.5 (in Delphi)

Creating server-side mail filter for Exchange 5.5 (in Delphi)

Post by Leon Zandma » Tue, 13 Feb 2001 20:52:35


For the last couple of weeks I have been searching for a way to create
an e-mail filter that will scan all incoming e-mails and log e-mail that
has been bounced into a database. Currently we use a CDO-application
that acts as a 'custom rule' in Outlook 97. It works fine, but it has
some disadvantages: it only works on one mailbox, it only runs when
Outlook is running, the user is still able to notice that a bounced
e-mail arrived (because of the Outlook new e-mail notification).

So what I really want to create is a filter that should be installed
into the Exchange 5.5 server. I know this must be possible, because I've
seen some commercially available apps that for instance could add a
standard disclaimer to every outgoing e-mail. This is basically the same
thing I want: intercept every incoming e-mail; scan the e-mail for
patterns of bounced mail (for example: subject=Mail Undeliverable); log
the original recipients in a database; delete the e-mail.
I've read some things about event sinks etc., but I couldn't find any
usable example.

Can anybody tell me how to do this (preferably in Borland Delphi).


Leon Zandman


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