E2K Inter-Routing Group Compression

E2K Inter-Routing Group Compression

Post by Chew » Fri, 25 Jan 2002 00:09:46

Does any one know... without a doubt ... if inter-routing group
communication is compressed?

The MCSE E2K Training Kit for 70-224 states:
"..data is compressed by an average ratio of 5:1 before it is sent across a
connector.." refering to why multiple routing groups are a good thing.

However... I can't seem to find any other mention of inter-routing group
communication compression anywhere.

I did find a MS FAQ stating SMTP mail communication isn't compressed.  It
doesn't say routing group communication.

==[ Just incase you're wondering: Why are we asking? ]==================
We're asking because we're trying to decide how many routing groups to put
in on a project we're working on.  The company we're working for has a lot
of sites all across the US.  The sites are only going to have 1 E2K server
(doubtful if we'll add any additional servers).  The sites all communicate
back to HQ over a reliable (at times... slow) link.

Should we:
- have one routing group for everyone ... maybe a few at most
- One routing group for every site.  One E2K server at each site.


1. Missing attachments in inter-routing group messages


I am banging my head in the wall with t follwoing problem:

All messages sent from routing group B to routing group A get their attachments
stripped out with no error or notice being put on the event viewer or log
file. Message tracking logs only indicate that the message has the original
size when leaves the bridgehead server at B and the first record of the message
at the bridgehead server shows the message with much smaller size.
Delivery receipts requested from users at site and routing group B for messages
going into A never appear.

The opposite direction works fine. Attachments go from A to B perfectly.
Another odd thing is that internet mail sent from routing group B get to
their destination with the attachments even though they go to A first because
there is an organization-wide smtp connector there...

Win 2000 Advanced Server is running at both sites on quad Proliants 5500,
lots of ram. The machines are DCs, no replication or communication problems.

Any thouhgts?

Desperatly yours,

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