Public Calendar from EX5.5SP3 to EX2000 SP2

Public Calendar from EX5.5SP3 to EX2000 SP2

Post by Cary Shult » Thu, 18 Jul 2002 03:36:42

Howdy All!

Question: can you "copy" public folders from a WINNT
4/Exchange 5.5 SP3 environment to a WIN2000/Exchange 2000
SP2 environment?

Situation: we merged with another company. ABC was the
WINNT 4 / Exchange 5.5 environment.  This is where there
are a ton of very missed Public Calendars.  456 is
WIN2000 / Exchange 2000 SP3.  WIN2000 is in native mode,
Exchange 2000 is in mixed mode.  There is a trust between
the two domains currently.  We "copied" the mailboxes by
exporting each "active" mailbox from ABC to a .pst file
and then importing that .pst file into XYZ.  Took a while
but it worked.  Possible problem is that there are still
about 30 people at ABC who still need everything "as
is" least for the next month or so...

How can I get, if possible, these Public Calendars from
ABC into 456?  Mind you, 456 has already a bunch
of "their" own Public Calendars already...Also, please
keep in mind taht I can not "move" - I need to "copy" -
the Public Calendars...if possible.

Thanks all!


PS...Mark, the stop watch starts in 3...2...1....NOW!


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