cdoex.dll for exchange 2000

cdoex.dll for exchange 2000

Post by RF » Wed, 16 Jul 2003 06:05:48


I new to programming for Exchange server. I wanted if I was on the right

I've managed to find docs telling me to use cdoex.dll, while others are
telling to use WebDAV.

I've decided to use cdoex.dll (in a .NET env). Where do I start???

I downloaded to E2K SDK but there are no documentation for using cdoex.dll

Can someoone please help me!!!




1. Referencing CDOEx.dll in .Net application


I am developing a .Net application to access Exchange 2K store.
Exchange 2000 is running on a separate Windows 2000 server.

I may need to use the CDO for Exchange dlls. How do I set a reference
to Cdoex.dll from my .Net appln.

CdoEx.dll is installed with Exchange 2000 which is residing on a
separate server.

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