Exchange Replication for Disaster Recovery

Exchange Replication for Disaster Recovery

Post by Allte » Mon, 06 Aug 2001 04:22:44

At first look, Exchange Replication does not seem sufficient to provide full
recovery of an Exchange Server at a remote site.  Exchange Replication only
replicates the Directory and the Public Folders. What about the Info. Store?
Also, I have seen much discussion on the internet concerning replication via
various techniques, e.g. GeoCluster, SRDF, etc.  My question is if Exchange
Replication is sufficient for a full recovery on an Exchange Server why go
to the expense and trouble of GeoCluster and SRDF?

I talked with a friend of mine who runs Exchange Server and how has used
Exchange Replication for a customer of his.  He told me that Exchange
Replication WILL fully recover an Exchange Server including Schedules,
Calendars and email. From my reading, I don't see how this works.  He told
me that he had to use LMHost files on the clients to map both Exchange
Servers and also tweak the cost metric in the DNS server to get it to work.

Can anyone shed some light on this topic?  Is there a best practices




1. Exchange Replication and Disaster Recovery

We currently have Exchange Server running on our PDC, and it runs
great. HOWEVER, our BDC is serving no other function other than being
a BDC. We would like a way to have a backup in the event that our PDC
goes down. ie, we'd like to install Exchange on the BDC, in a way that
would allow exchange services to continue without interuption when the
PDC is unavailable. Is this possible, and if so, what if any, problems
may arrise out of this?  We run POP3 software through a dial-up
connection to grab our mail. Will the backup Exchange Server interfere
with this?

Any help would be appreciated.

Michael Marchand
Systems Engineer
Columbia, PA

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