Multiple Profile

Multiple Profile

Post by T. » Sat, 19 Jan 2002 02:21:55

>Hi All,
>In office XP i can swittch between Exchange account and
>the ISP account, so i prompt to choose which profile to
>start with,so if i choose exchange account outlook start
>my exchange profile and when i choose ISP outlook start
>dial up and log to my ISP profile.
>Can i do this in office 2000?


Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Mail --> Show Profiles



1. Multiple users on a computer (Multiple profile selector)

Has anyone seen a manager for Exchange Profiles that would allow
multiple people to access their mail accounts via a "shared" computer?
(about 30 people in the Warehouse and other sections that don't have a
computer of their own) I just need something that can make it easy
enough for a forklift driver to be able to check his e-mail without
having to go through the rigormole of logging on, waiting on exchange
to load, logging out, etc....

My first idea was the web based system and that is likely what I'll
use but I want to check other options as well.

Thanks in advance
Keith Bastin

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