CDOEX - Exchange 2000

CDOEX - Exchange 2000

Post by RC » Thu, 20 Feb 2003 03:15:47

Hello All,

I am trying to track the email threads between the users,
tried different approaches with custom headers, thread-
ids, thread-topic-ids, message-ids, none of them worked
except the subject content. Said that, some of the above
seem to work with certain mail clients such as MS Outlook,
not all mail clients embedding the same header info in the
reply email. But we don't want to rely on the subject and
body content of the email to track the email replies to
our online App.

Exploring ways to add a generic flag (which works for all
mail clients) and keep it transparent from the users and
be able to track the same when the user replied to the

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.