display mailbox usage on the web

display mailbox usage on the web

Post by John Selp » Sat, 23 Jun 2001 23:18:43

Does anyone have a way to display a user's mailbox space usage on a web
page? Ie, they logon to a web page and it tells them how much they are using
and possibly in what folders. I'm not a VB programmer. But it seems like
someone would have some ASP code to do this or something from a web page.

John Selph
selphj (at) obu.edu


1. Mailbox size shows large Kb usage for Private Mailbox

Exchange Server version 5.0 w/SP 2.
In my Exchange Administrator the size of the Recipients mailboxes shown in
Kb. is very high even though they have deleted everything from thier
"Deleted Items" folder. Microsoft Web Tech site says Service Pack 2
remedies this problem, but I already have this Service Pac installed.

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