MX preferences for multiple smart hosts

MX preferences for multiple smart hosts

Post by Panagiotis Malakoudi » Thu, 13 Mar 2003 20:14:39

Dear all,

I read at that you
can configure a smart host for an SMTP connector and Exchange will try
to search for MX records for that host. That way you can have a primary
and a backup mail relay.

My question is this. Does this work without an smtp connector? Can I use
this feature with the smart host option located at the default SMTP
server properties?



1. Smart Host on multiple domains

I'm running a home email server with Exchange 2000, recently upgraded from

I'm having lots of trouble trying to get SMTP delivery configured properly,
and in understanding the differences between the default SMTP virtual server
and an SMTP Connector. I can't get anything to send/receive at all when I
use the connector, but am having almost success with just the virtual

My dilemna is in the Delivery > Advanced Delivery > smart host. I've
configured the Smart host to be my ISP, and have checked the "Attempt direct
delivery" box so I get my local mail. If I don't check the box, I don't get
anything, apparently because it all gets shoved off to my ISP. However, the
problem with this is that I've discovered that some ISPs have home/ end
users like me on blocks of blackout lists, obviously to prevent us from
becoming unwitting spammers. Good idea, but with my current configuration it
means I cannot send to those people at all.

This used to work fine with 5.5's Internet Mail Connector, where I could
simply specify my domains, and let everything else go the the ISP. Or, I
could configure my SMTP service to do about the same, but I can't get to any
kind of settings like these when Exchange 2000 is installed.;EN-US;Q293800

If anybody has some help or pointers to resources that specifically address
going from Exchange 5.5 to 2000, like how the settings on the IMC now show
up in 2k, especially with respect to being behind an ISP with multiple
domains - I'd appreciate it!

David LaRocque

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