Schedule+ and Outlook

Schedule+ and Outlook

Post by Jonathan Ma » Wed, 05 Aug 1998 04:00:00


Does anybody know if I can set up a recurring task (or appointment etc..)
that sends an email as part of the reminder process?

For example, I could set up a recurring task to print invoices. I would like
to send an email message to my secretary to actually begin the task (in this
case, printing invoices).

Any help would be appreciated.


Jonathan Mao
Core Technology Pty Limited
32 Harrow Road
Stanmore NSW 2048


1. Schedule+ or Outlook Database Name/Location/Type

Ok - I give up,

Does anyone have any info on the database that Exchange Server/MS
Office/Schedule+ or Outlook maintains???

I have been tasked with examining the possibilities of using Schedule+
or Outlook to perform the scheduling tasks for our in-house
development project using either an ODBC link or a native driver for
the Borland Database Engine.  The application uses Interbase and
Delphi 3.  I would LOVE to be able to use the data directly or clone
it on a timed basis to keep from re-inventing the wheel.  

Can anyone share some info/experience with this or at the very least,
point me in the right direction??  I've been through MSDN, ODE, etc.
and have done searches on the newsgroups as well as MS's web sight -
I'm getting frustrated...

Thanks in advance...

Lee Nigh
Software Engineer
Lucent Technologies, Inc.



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