receiving email to an @IP Address

receiving email to an @IP Address

Post by Denni » Fri, 13 Jun 2003 01:04:28

I posted this in the SBS2000 Newsgroup but did not get any
answers.  Hopefully someone here can help me.

Can someone give me the settings I need to add to what I
assume would be DNS for our SBS 2000 server to be able

addrsss".  I see that the rejection notice I get indicates
the Exchange server with a notation of "domain.local" is



1. How do I receive email at my IP address? (i.e. user@

I was able to receive email using only my IP address with Exchange 5.5 just
fine with minimal setup.  I cannot figure out what the trick is under
Exchange 2000.  Anyone have any ideas?  I currently have Internet SMTP email

am missing a step on a connector or SMTP virtual server.  Not sure where to

order to rule out DNS problems when troubleshooting.  I also use it as a
means to test out my Exchange server Internet email functionality before
going live and changing DNS MX records.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Marc S.

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