Rolling Out Exchange 2000 / Outlook

Rolling Out Exchange 2000 / Outlook

Post by Mike » Thu, 21 Nov 2002 23:29:36

I am currently in mixed mode and would like to start moving mailboxes over.
My question: Is there a place you can direct me where it covers the changes
the Outlook 2000/XP users can expect once I migrate their mailbox?

I would like to create some documentation for the users prior to me moving
them over.



1. rolling out Exchange 2000 and Outlook 2000

I want some advice please. We will be rolling out Exchange Server 2000 and
about 180 Outlook clients.

How to I customize the build of Outlook 2000? I know there is a Deployment
Kit for Outlook 98 - what about Outlook 2000?

To what level can I customise? Can I add all the mail settings to the build,
for example?

I also want to include the latest service packs in my build of Outlook 2000.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of roaming profiles relative to this
rollout? Are they only useful in a scenario where a user needs to log onto
multiple workstations (our users don't need this).

I assume I should install from a central location on our intranet. What
about pushing updates/service packs to users in the future?

Any other advice/suggestions?

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