outlook MAC version public folder problems

outlook MAC version public folder problems

Post by brekyn » Sun, 05 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I've created a public folder for contacts (message class contact) from
Outlook 2000 (PC).
On the mac version of outlook (8.2) the client can view the public
"contacts" folder but the individual contact items are viewed as email
messages not contact forms.  Any know if this is a limitation from the
MAC version of outlook or is the Exchange server giving the wrong
message class out.

1. Contacts, Public Folder Contacts show as messages on Mac client and PC/Mac Web access

We have an Exchange 5.5 Server and are having problems with the Macintosh
Client 8.2. The Contacts as well as Public Folders which contain Contacts
show up as messages. Even the web access shows all the public folders a
messages on both Mac and PC on the Web Part.
Any help on getting the contacts to appear properly would be appreciated.


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