mailbox manager

mailbox manager

Post by Tim » Sat, 12 Jul 2003 16:12:17

I'm guessing the problem is due to which date the Mailbox
manager looks at.  The modified date is looked at rather
than the receieved date.  This will affect messages that
have been moved or altered etc.

Check this out.  There is a technet article for it which I
was trying to look up but my connection is a bit slow
today and I'm struggling.

Hope this helps.


Quote:>-----Original Message-----
>mailbox manager does not clear mailboxes according to
>deletion policy. the policies for the manager state to
>clear messages (as an example) in 7 days from the sent
>item folder after running the manager none of the
>are removed.  on another client the inbox is not affected
>either, the policy says to delete after 45 days and the
>manager again does not touch them.  it seems to run
>sporadicly on mail boxes removing some messages that are
>old, but then does not delete others from the same
>mailbox.  any ideas anyone.  


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Hi all,
I have Exchange 5.5, SP3, and am using the Mailbox Manager to move old
items to the System Cleanup folder after 30 days (then delete them
after 60 days).  It was working fine up til about a month ago.  Now it
selectively chooses mailboxes to clean.  Some users have their
mailboxes cleaned out, but others (mine included) are ignored.  Nothing
has changed in this time except the password for the Exchange service
account (but as far as I can tell, this should not impact the Mailbox
Manager), but the date the manager stopped cleaning does not coincide
with the date the passwords were changed.  Any insight would be greatly

Mark W

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