can't remove Ex5.5 server from admin group

can't remove Ex5.5 server from admin group

Post by Tommy Doa » Thu, 03 May 2001 02:44:13

We have successfully moved all our mailboxes and public folders off our
single 5.5 server onto our new X2k server which was joined to the 5.5 site,
and everything seems to be working well. The problem now is that I have not
been able to go to X2k native mode because the 5.5 server still appears in
the admin group.

I've followed the Q articles about removing the 5.5 server properly
(q284148, q189286, q152959, and q260781), but it still appears. I'm not able
to remove the srs apparently until I can get the server out of the admin
group, and I can't go native until then either.

Anyone have any other pointers?


1. Removing Exchange 5.5 Server from Admin Group

We have one Exchange 5.5 server and one Exchange 2K server. I am ready to
finally remove the 5.5 server from the organization. I have been working
through Microsoft's knowledgebase article detailing the procedure. I have
done everything prior to actually deleting the Exchange 5.5 server using
Exchange Administrator. I noticed that in the Exchange 2K system manager,
the only system folder that is NOT replicated to the Exchange 2000 server is
the Organizational Forms folder. This folder was not mentioned in the
knowledgebase article, and I just wanted to ask about this before I go and
delete the Exchange 5.5 server. Do I need to replicate the Org Forms to
Exchange 2K? Is there harm in doing so? Thanks very much!!


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