corrupt mailbox

corrupt mailbox

Post by Dave Doeppe » Sun, 10 Jun 2001 16:42:39

I have an Exchange 2K server running and I am backing it up using ArcServe
2000. I am doing a full backup of all servers and then I am doing an
additional "bricks" level back up og the individual mailboxes.

Everything has been working great until a few days ago. Now the bricks level
backup crashes when it reaches a certain mailbox. I have dealt with
Arcserver Tech support to no avail. They think I have a corrupt mailbox.

So since I am really new to Exchange, how can I tell. The user has no
problems accessing his mailbox.

I moved the mailbox into a different Store and was able to backup the box on
it's own. Then I ran a full bricks level backup and it again failed on the
same box.

I hope someone can help. I need to know how I can diagnose the mailbox and
how to repair it.

Thank you,

Dave Doeppel


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Here is my problem.  Since my company upgraded from Exchange Server 4.0 to
5.5 SP2 we had an increasing amount if corrupt mailboxes.  This leaves us
unable to access the mailboxes at all with the "message unable to connect to
exchange mailbox" being thrown at any access attempt.

We have managed to narrow down the problem (we think) to only occurring when
we have amended the Display details e.g name,tele no. etc.  At first we
tried to narrow down the problem by exchange servers but it seems to be
happening all our exchange servers.

The only "funny" errors reporing in the Event Viewer refer to an mailbox
clean utility from the resource kit.  But this is not installed

This problem first raised it's head when we were on NT SP 3 but we have
since upgraded to SP5 but still the problem.  We have also stopped virus
checking the exchange logs again no luck.

I would appreciate if anyone has come across this problem and could point us
in the right direction.  As we are getting desparate.

For Info - System Running

NT 4.0 SP5
Exhange 5.5 SP2
Degrags approx monthly.

Outlook 97(SR2), exchange 5



Graeme Lockhart

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