POP3 problem

POP3 problem

Post by Yochai Kor » Tue, 06 May 2003 12:55:15

I recently installed SBS and have configured the POP3
connector to receive mail from various mailboxes at the
isp. However even though it says messages are delivered I
have sent a test message to myself from my hotmail account
it stays on our ISP web mail server for 5 minutes appears
to be downloaded but is never delivered to my exchange
mailbox. I can send mail out no problem, and when using
the exchange server internally it has no problems
delivering messages except when being sent from external
sources. Please can someone help as I am confused as all
hell? Some Error message that might be helpful
POP3: There was an error processing the DELE command. The
error is 58

Thanks Ahead

Yochai korn


POP3 problem

Post by Riya » Tue, 06 May 2003 14:34:11

I have suddenly started getting this problem that my POP3
user (remote) accessing Exchange Server 2000 SP3 on W2K
through Outlook Express are getting error message when
trying to send mails with attachments. I have tried  
Q161118 to troubleshoot the problem but the telnet session
comes with an error message "ERR PROTOCOL ERROR".
But let me tell you that I have no issues in my office
building, we can send and receive attachments.

Thanks you in advance for your suggestions.



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