Have to reenable web publishing in owa

Have to reenable web publishing in owa

Post by joe » Sun, 19 Aug 2001 13:50:40

I have a problem with proxy server 2.0.  Everytime I
reboot the proxy server I have to go into proxy management
console and reenable web publishing in order for remote
uses to access owa.
Any ideas?
Thank You,

1. OWA not working with ISA web publishing


I am deploying a Ex2000 OWA server behind ISA and am
having host name problems.  I do not have these problems
with my Ex5.5 setup.

The problem is that with OWA2000, the main frame HTML page
returns such that it loads with references to the internal
OWA server host name instead of the UNC name of the web
site that I am using to connect from the internet client.

When I turn on "Send original host header..." in ISA for
this web publishing rule, then OWA returns no errors, but
only small segments of the OWA client appear to load...

HELP!!  How can I make the HTML that OWA2000 returns
include references only to the firewall URL instead of the
OWA mail server local on my network?



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