SP3 and DLs

SP3 and DLs

Post by Morne Buto » Thu, 21 Nov 2002 19:39:13

With ExchSP3, the distribution lists do not work well. If I change a DL by
adding some people to it, then send a mail to this DL, noone never receives
anything. In Outlook the DL contains all the people. What's wrong?

1. DLs not Receiving Mail - EX5.5 SP3

What is the most common reason for distribution lists not
being expanded to process e-mail ?

We have a single server Exchange 5.5 SP3.

A user sends to a DL using OL98 and does not receive any
error indication yet no one on the DL receives the mail.
This happens to all DLs.

I attempted to stop/start the MTA service but it appeared
to hang and a reboot was necessary. When Exchange came
back up the mails apeared to get flushed out.

Any help appreciated.

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