Failure for a CDO post

Failure for a CDO post

Post by Rick Greenwal » Tue, 12 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I set a folder handle with the following CDO code in VB -
    Set objFolder = objTopFolder.Folders(sFolder)

If the value for the sFolder variable is not a valid folder, the message
I post does not return an error.

Is it supposed to, or does it just go to the bit bucket?

- Rick Greenwald


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While troubleshooting a seperate NNTP problem with Exchange 5.5 SP2, I
noticed several of the following application events in the event log:

"Message submitted by POST or IHAVE command was rejected because certain
required headers were not supplied. The message id was

Is there anyway to determine what headers were missing? What headers
does Exchange consider to be required? Just a little curious why
Exchange decided to reject the message, but it obviously survived my
upstream news host.


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