Creating Outlook Items using Outlook Automation interface

Creating Outlook Items using Outlook Automation interface

Post by Jay B. Harlow [MVP-Outlook » Tue, 22 Jul 1997 04:00:00

  No! it means that you create an AppointmentItem, set the Meeting Status
property to olMeeting, add some Recipients, and then use the Send method to
send to all of the attendees. The MeetingRequestItem is only found in the
attendees Inbox, until they read and Accept, Decline, or Tentative the

You use the 'Assign' method on a 'TaskItem' in a similar method...

Hope this helps

Quote:> Hi,

>     I intend to write a MAPI Client program which creates Outlook Item
> Objects such as Mail,Appointment, Task etc. in a MAPI Folder on the
> Exchange server. I am using the Outlook OLE Automation interface to
> create such items. Documentation on Microsoft website
> suggests
> that I cannot create objects of type MeetingRequestItem which repersents
> a Meeting request and TaskRequestItem which repersents a task request.
> Does that mean that I cannot create and send a meeting/task request
> using my own client. Has somebody been able to do this. If so please let
> me know about how to create such items (with OLE Automation interface or
> any other interface).

> Thanks & Regards
> K. Krishna Prasad