ADC Connector Error (HELP !!!)

ADC Connector Error (HELP !!!)

Post by Mark » Fri, 16 Aug 2002 06:17:37

Of 284 recipients in EX5.5, only 26 replicate to AD.  The
rest get the following error.

ADC could not replicate
cn=MUser,cn=Recipients,ou=SPCL,o=Sage to the Active
Directory because the object came from the configured
active directory, yet the ADC cannot find it in active
directory. This can happen the ADC is configured to use
multiple DC's, and the DC's are out of sync with each
other. The ADC will try to re-replicate the object.  
(Connection Agreement 'Exchange 5.5' #3284)



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Problem fixed.  When I installed SP3 ADC I selected the reinstall option.  I
needed to remove ADC completely and then install it from scratch.

To answer your questions below the recipient policy were correct and smpt
addresses existed in the AD users.  The addresses are now being replicated
to the custom recipients on 5.5.  There error still occurs in the event log,
but the replication is successful.

Thanks for your inputs.


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