Problems with OWA attachments from a Win98 client

Problems with OWA attachments from a Win98 client

Post by leande » Fri, 04 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I get the same error from NT 4.0, Win 2000 and Win98.
I have a strong hunch that this was related to Security Permissions, but
I don't seem to be getting anywhere that way !!
The (temp)files to be attached are found in a my "WebTemp" folder, and I
get an "Access Denied" Message when trying to open or access them, even
though the permissions seem to be set up fine.
I get exactly the same error when trying to post a message with an
attachment, or when logging anonymously and posting a message with an


1. Problems with OWA attachments from a Win98 client

This is a very peculiar problem....

If one of our users connects to our Exchange 5.5 SP3 server via OWA, and
they are using Windows 98, with Internet Explorer 5.0, they are unable to
submit attachments to messages they are creating. The users go to the
Attachments tab, browse their local resources for the file they wish to
attach, then click on the button to add the attachment....and a minute or so
later, they get an "unable to display page" error, which claims they have
been denied access to the particular .asp file.

If, however, our users connect with Windows NT/IE, they can attach files

Does anyone know of any issues with file attachments in OWA, based on the
client OS or IE browser version?


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