Application Development

Application Development

Post by Muhammad T. Ala » Fri, 11 Jul 2003 19:35:42


I am really very new to exchange. I got a task that.. whenever the


then I have to generate a text file (CSV) like

User_id    Vacation        Type        Mode
102938    1                    MC        Add

Please tell me how can I do that. Is there any IDE at Exchange Server to
create application or we have to create macro like MS-Word and assign to the
email or I have to create a vb application (CDO) with a timmer to check for
new email at the address and then create a file...


Tausif Alam


1. Database and application development within exchange

Th ecompany that I currently work for runs Lotus Domino
for mail and they run a number of other databases for
those or you familiar with notes.  While none of these
databases are very complicated, some are critical to the
operation of the business.  Being an ex network engineer
for a VAR, I have dealt with and supported Exchange
numerous times, tested and worked with betas and trials of
exchange as well as other groupware solutions including
Novells Groupwise.  Notes and Domino, with all the other
experience I have, seems to be a behemoth and simple
administration tasks that on ANY other system would take a
short amount of time, are ridiculiously tedious with
Notes.  Even a simple addition of a user, Exchange is
simple, create the account, set the ouside mail address if
necessary, and associate it with a Domain account.  Two
minutes tops, I have never seen it take less than 15
minutes with notes, create account, make multiple
configureation changes, then detach the ID file and
transport it to the workstation in question.  And god
forbid you let a certificate expire, it's another 30
minutes of time every time that occurs.  And expecting
users, that can't move icons from one side of the desktop
to the other to go through the multistep procedd every 12
months or to even expect them to call IT before their mail
simply doesn't work any more is ridiculious.  

So to my point.  Some of you know my pain, and in reading
this have seen the light and gone on to Exchange, so how
do I either migrate the databases that exist in Lotus
Notes to exchange if possible, and what did you do with
them.  This applys to the eradication of Notes, we don't
have a Notes developer, we have an administrator with a
development book that gets by, but the TCO of notes
developing this way would put a mainframe in each cubical.

Please e-mail me with any information that you might have
pertaining to this so I can create a real proposal of why
we need to make the change.  The two hanging points are
the databases, and the fact that many virus use Outlook
address books to propigate, this is easily remidied with
the application of current security patches to the systems
but few seem to do that. Thanks in advance

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