owa authentication problems

owa authentication problems

Post by Marlon » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 00:17:56

Hi all,
I am trying to get OWA working. OWA will be in the company's DMZ; both
firewalls are Checkpoint NG.
The server that has OWA is not part of the organization's domain, I
configured the OWA server as stand alone server in a workgroup. I'm
having a
problem connecting to the mail boxes, and here is a brief description on
-I gave the EVERYONE group, permission to log on locally.
-When I tried to access the mailboxes I am able to reach OWA's log on
screen, but when I type the name of a mail box I receive a blank
page --Exchange server is part of the organization's domain--
-I checked the IIS logs and I just found a "username 404" error.
I guess my questions are:
1.Does the OWA server need to be part of the domain in order to work
correctly? if not
2.What are your suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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1. OWA authentication problems.

We are using Exchange 5.5 sp4 and have OWA running for 2 domains. This
requires the clients to provide


Unless of course they have already logged onto a machine on the Network,
then it bumps them straight into their webmail after submitting their logon:

The Problem that we are seeing is when clients try to connect from home PCs
over the internet, they are only being asked for


Instead of


We have tried to supply the username:  domain\username

and it does not allow them in.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

The only common denominator is that the users are on 9x boxes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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