Sharing Public Folders across sites

Sharing Public Folders across sites

Post by Marcelo L. Guimar?e » Thu, 04 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Hello all.

Is it possible? Can I access a public folder on a different site. The
domains are trusted each other.
Or folder replication is better (if possible)?

Thanks in advance

Marcelo L Guimaraes


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If I go into a public folder from one of our other offices I get this:

Unable to display the folder. Microsoft Outlook could not access the
specified folder location. The contents of this public folder are currently
unavailable. Either the Microsoft Exchange Server computer servicing this
public folder is down or the public folder has not been replicated to this
site. See your administrator.

Anybody any ideas?

I can also not "plan meetings" with other staff in other offices, even
though we have sites linked together etc as they are in the same

Thanks in advance (as always :))


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