share calendar BUT not on the same server

share calendar BUT not on the same server

Post by catrine cochet-dhib » Tue, 01 Jun 1999 04:00:00

we have something like 10 exchange servers in the company, not in the same
domain through the "root" has the same name.
is there any way that people who can write each other (outlook, exchange
client), global list, can share their calendar as if they were on the same
Exchange server, where this works fine.



1. Access to shared calendar not possible

Hi Guys!

A have a problem with permissions to shared calendars.
The fact is, that in our organization groups of users have
full mailbox access to a mailbox over a group:
User A is in Group A which has Full Mailbox Access on
Mailbox A.
When another user wants to share his calender for Mailbox
A, the Users in Group A cannot access the calender.
Access is only possible, if the user logs on with the
primary account.
Is this by design or is there any possibility to resolve
this problem?
Thanks a Lot!

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