Free/Busy Issues

Free/Busy Issues

Post by John Erskin » Sun, 16 Dec 2001 06:17:32

We are small company that has recently installed EX2K. I
had an Admistrator try to load Sniffer on to the server.
We have recently discovered that the free/busy data when
scheduling an appointment starting Feb 1 2002 and on shows
NO INFORMATION. The appointment does go through and is
placed on the users calendar. Not all, but most, users are
effected by this. I recently had to restore a mailbox and
discovered that under the free/busy store for that user
also had a folder called Sniffer. The Sniffer folder is
the common element of all the users that have free/busy
errors. Please advise on how to remove or rectify this

Thanks for your time.

John Erskine


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A user is receiving free/busy issues, white bar w/backslashes,  Microsoft
pretty much says it's possibly a corrupt "Emsmdb32.dll" file and that the
Outlook SR1 will take care of it.

However, we do not have the option of installing SR1 because of attachment
restrictions.  Does anyone know of any known issues replacing the
"Emsmdb32.dll" file with a current/newer version?



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