Relay restrictions

Relay restrictions

Post by Kalle Ljun » Thu, 19 Apr 2001 04:14:36

I have problem to configure my relay restrictions correct.

We are using our Exchange 2000 server with both IMAP4 (Outlook) and POP 3
clients. I want to set up relay restrictions so all people who successfully
authenticate can relay emails. I have try different configurations, but none
works fine.
It's working if the client use Outlook with MAPI4, but if they change to
Outlook Express (for example) and using POP3, they can't relay emails to
other domains.

Under "Default SMTP Virtual Server Properties", "Access" tab, "Relay" I
check the radio button who says "Only the list below", and check the
checkbox "Allow all computers which successfully authenticate to relay,
regardless of the list above".

But I get the following error message in Outlook Express when I try to send

Server error: 550, Error number: 0X800CCC79

What's wrong?



1. Relay restrictions and Mustang Software's Listcaster

Microsoft Exchange and Mustang Software's ListCaster 2.1 are running on
separate machines behind my Microsoft Proxy 2.0 firewall.  I have chosen
to use my Exchange server (Exchange 5.5 sp2 on a Windows NT 4.0 sp5) as
the SMTP/POP3 server as specified in ListCaster instructions.  I set up
mailboxes on the Exchange server for the probe account, the control
account, and both of my test lists.  Any local user can get messages
from the 2 lists, and the control account works (for local users) fine.
Subscribers that are not members of my local domain are reporting that
they are not receiving messages from either of the mailing lists.  All
other incoming/outgoing mail is arriving fine.  On the IMC of my
Exchange server I have the following relay restrictions in place:

 Hosts and clients that successfully authenticate
 Hosts and clients with these IP addresses (server where
ListCaster is installed)

If I remove both of these restrictions then list messages are delivered
to external addresses.  How can I keep the relay restrictions in place
and still allow ListCaster to relay as needed?  Any help would be
greatly appreciated.  Please respond directly to my email address.

Marjorie A. Crocker
Chief Information Officer
Covenant College
14049 Scenic Highway
Lookout Mountain, GA  30750-9601
phone: (706) 820-1572 ext. 7716
fax: (706) 820-2165

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