Public Tasks

Public Tasks

Post by NY 2 » Sat, 02 May 1998 04:00:00

I want to create an app that allows users to assign each other
task-based forms that are published in a public folder, where any task,
no matter who it was assigned to, can be opened by anyone in the user
group to checkits status. Any ideas on how to implement this?


1. Relating public contacts to public tasks

We have a series of public folders that work fine - generally matched
sets of calendar, tasks and contacts. The problem is when trying to
associate a public calendar or task item to a contact - it appears to
want to go only to the personal mailbox contacts. Also notice that the
task list in the day/month view in calendar, which was the default for
the personal mailbox calendar, doesn't appear to be available in the
public calendar areas. Combed Outlook and Exchange for settings to
associate one public item with another, but nothing has worked yet.
Any solutions?

Latest Exchange 2000, all updates, Outlook 2000 with latest updates,
no add-ons or programs working with/against either Exchange or

Curtis L. Russell, Controller
L.I.F.E., Inc.
Baltimore, MD (USA)


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